NCCNA Contact Information

Patty S. - NCCNA XLI Chair
(707) 695-9286

Fernando M. – NCCNA XLI Vice Chair
(408) 706-6497

Mailing Address:
Northern California Regional Service Offic
1820 Walters Court, Suite A
Fairfield, CA 94533
Main: 707-422-9234
Fax: 707-422-9128

For information on how to become a part of the NCCNA Committee contact the committee using any of the above information.
To volunteer for service during the convention click here.


NCCNA Program Subcommittee
Evan D. – Program Chair
(707) 328-9106

Arthur O. – Program Vice Chair
(408) 707-4277

Marcos R. – Spanish Program Working Group
(707) 372-1304

Robert T. - Program Volunteer Coordinator
(408) 854-3951

NCCNA Host Subcommittee
Thaxton K. – Host Chair
(916) 589-0758

Dan W. – Host Vice Chair
(916) 402-1300

Robert T. - Host Volunteer Coordinator
(401) 219-2733

NCCNA Registration Subcommittee
Tammy B. – Registration Chair
(707) 236-7165

Tim A. – Registration Vice Chair
(541) 324-7587

Mailing address:
NCCNA XLI Registration Subcommittee
P.O. Box 221
Santa Rosa, CA 95404

NCCNA Entertainment Subcommittee
Yvette F. - Entertainment Chair 
(510) 825-2535

For more information about the above Subcommittees, to volunteer to help prior to the convention, or for general information about the registration process, send an email to the above addresses or go here.
To volunteer for service during the convention click here.